Position: Managing director


Position: Director stylist

I came from Osaka. I have been working “at the Garden” since 2015.
I have a Japanese hairdressing license and HAVIA EAST from England license.
*My strong points✳︎
Create designing cut/hairstyle for individuals/customers.
Making lustrous Hair colour
Bleaching hairstyle
Highlights hair colour
Making a fluffy style
doing makeup and setup
Please do not hesitate to ask me about your hairstyle if you have any further question.


Position: Top Stylist

Vivi  has the best skill of  Hair arrangements such as “Cornrows ”

“Epic hair styles ”   ” updo”    ” braids ”    so you can ask her for your  big day and party day  also precious day otherwise anniversary .

She said  that  the happy hair style inspire people that being confidence to change an impression with favorite hair style. That is a very big event for everyone in the life .so I would like to produce it further more.




Position: Stylist

I am Yuriko come from Japan. I’ve been Australia about two years now. While working all expenses make me happy.

What I am good at is short style , men’s cut, Spiky hair, Tight hair, Fade hair cut , etc. Mainly innovative hair style.
All so massage, head spa. It will relieve the stress of city life.

The thing I value most is once in a lifetime opportunity.
Let’s fine out nice style what you’ve ever seen before.
I will handle it right away.

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Thank you.


Position: Stylist
Birthplace: FUKUSHIMA

Haruka  is from Fukushima in Japan. She has  been passionate about hairdressing  making a natural style and “KAWAII ” for many years  in Sendai and visited for 3mouth in New York City  to look for a further skills . She never stop explore being hairdresser so you will see her whenever you need to find the new style.

comment   “I looking forward to make you feel comfortable when you have cut with me.”


Position: Top stylist

Yutaka has experienced as a senior hairdresser for 12 years in  Japan. He is a confidence that his skill which has been mastered is supported by many clients ,therefore certainly provide for you the best hair cut, color,perm as well as head massage . He will recommend to you new style or better look on each clients . And  posting hair pictures on Instagram that  he has done , so please check his account .



Position: Top Stylist
Birthplace: OSAKA

Yukiko was born in Osaka well known as a  Largest city in the Kansai region.  The hair salon she has been working in is always popular ,famous so well experienced  for many  years in Osaka and  Toronto.
She has  a chemical license of hair  that is  a Japanese Shu Uemura cosmetics license then If you would  like to know about hair-knowledge and how to use make-cosmetics  please do not hesitate to ask her  She can treat you .
She  would like to make clients hair that suggestion suitable for hair quality,and how to use curl iron or maintenance your hair.

*strong points
Hair color
bleach color
Looks makes younger
layer cut
Bob style
Hair arrange
Head Spa
trend style

- QUAY -


Position: Director stylist


Position: Managing Director
Birthplace: TOKYO


Position: Managing Director
Birthplace: TOCHIGI



Position: Director stylist


Position: Managing Director
Birthplace: TOKYO


Position: Managing Director
Birthplace: TOCHIGI